Cats in a kiwi zone

    Kerikeri Peninsula has lots of kiwi living around people. We think that is incredibly special, not to mention all our other native bird species and the cool bugs like weta that are all on the increase along with native lizards: the geckos and skinks.

    But unfortunately cats can be undermining the good work we all do for nature. Aussies have recognised the problem for their wildlife and there’s some really interesting changes people are making so they can enjoy their pets and their native wildlife coming back to life.

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    Australia understands the effect cats can have on native wildlife - we like their thinking.

    They seem to be leading the way on how domestic cats can be cared for with native wildlife in mind. Watch the short RSPCA vid below. Sensors Warning they use the term "cat-proof enclosure".

    Read RSPCA's "Keeping your cat safe and happy at home" pdf here (skip the snake bite section)


    "29% of Australia's domestic cats are kept contained, that's over one million moggies"


    aust cats

    Here's the research that produced those figures:

    We need to worry about Bella and Charlie: the impacts of pet cats on Australian wildlife .pdf 435kb

    Or read an article in The Guardian on the research here:

    Why should I keep my cat contained?

    NZ has 1.4 million domestic cats

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    By keeping your cat safe at home you will be:
    • minimising the risk they will harm or kill other animals including our precious native wildlife
    • reducing the risk of them getting sick, being hurt or dying in an accident
    • enjoying more quality time together
    • reducing the risk they will stray and be lost
    • preventing them from interacting with undesexed roaming cats
    • avoiding problems with your neighbours
    • giving them a better chance to enjoy a longer, healthier life


    NZ is committed to a Predator Free 2050. We can all play a part. Containing domestic cats would make an important contribution.

    “To restore stability to our planet, we must restore its biodiversity, the very thing we have removed. It is the only way out of this crisis that we ourselves have created. We must rewild the world!” David Attenborough


    Where do you buy a cat enclosure?  Go to and search "Cat enclosures"

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